Friday, 3 February 2012

Roundwood Timber Building

Lovely hard frosts at last! No more mud and everything sparkling, its just great, this weather.
We have no snow but it is still lying thickly acouple of miles up the road and our view south across the valley is of snow-covered fields.The picture is of our view north where theer is no snow lying.

Last night we had a gathering of friends & neighbours who belong to the Teifi Energy Group ( come to the farm to watch a film about the building of a roundwood timber framed building in West Sussex. Abut ten of us settled down to watch this fascinating film made by Ben Law ( is the guru of roundwood timber framed building techniques. These building are very beautiful and are made using completely sustainable & local materials. European Larch trees that have been coppiced provide the long poles that are needed for the structure's frame which is then in-filled with straw bales. The bales are then plastered over with three layes of lime-plaster producing a wonderful undulating and tactile surface. The roof of the building was tiled with shingles made from Western Red Cedar. The finished building was quite beautiful & an inspiration.

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