Saturday, 4 February 2012

Marmalade Made, Snow-Bound Baker

Its the time of year when I've been making marmalade and replenishing & sorting out my larder shelves of preserves. I found a number of unlabelled jars of what has turned out to be apple jelly in perfect condition so am using them up making puddings. Sponge with apple jelly underneath & served with the ubiquitous custard seems to have been a success with the Farmer & Younger Son.
I made 15 jars of marmalade jelly which should keep the Farmer going at breakfast for a while to come.

Today it is very cold but raining...other parts of the country are getting snow. We have just vile cold rain, not even sleet! I guess this means the return of the Mud!

The Farmer had to go out at 5.30 o'clock this morning to help our good friend R. the Bread-maker ( get his bread out to his vehicle as his track of almost a mile was impassable  witthout 4 wheel-drive as result of snow & ice. R.'s place is much higher than ours and he has serious snow for the past week. His van was left at the top of his track but he had no way of getting the bread from the bakery to the van so sos'd us to ask for help. The Farmer did 5 trips up & down the track, 200+ loaves (!) destined for two farmers markets & household deliveries. R. had been baking all night as per usual on a Friday and while his family went off to sell the bread he retired to bed for well-earned sleep.
Although it is raining here with us it might well be snowing at the bakery so we'll wait & see whether R. will need any more help in the next few days.

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