Sunday 30 January 2022

Mallards Return

Our mallards have returned! For the last two years, ever since we moved into this house, we have had several pairs of mallards adopt us and it is wonderful that they have come back to us this year. They are certainly the same pairs as they show no fear or anxiety at our presence or having the dogs loping around them. The Farmer threw some some corn down onto the yard for them and they are out there now having been joined by a wood pigeon and a robin who both know a good thing when they see it. Last summer we ended up with about 15 ducks coming most days to the house which is lovely, though it can get a bit messy underfoot which is not great but the pleasure from having what are basically wild birds, just sitting contentedly outside the back door compensates for the small quantity of guauno they leave in their wake. It is beautiful morning here with sunshine and a light breeze, very spring-like though we must not take it for granted, it is after all still only the end of January and February & March can be pretty awful so we must make the most of each lovely day as it happens. There are already a few lambs to be seen around the area and this fine weather is just perfect for them. we don't start lambing until March and we always hope that the weather will kind as the worst thing for lambs is rain and cold winds.

Friday 28 January 2022

Return to blogging

At last after 18 months or so of not being able to get posts posted on this blog, due to major technical ineptitude on my part I have at last worked out what has turned out to be a very simple problem and so am now able to pick up the blogging habit once more. Since my last post which was back in August 2020 (!) life has of course carried on through the Coronavirsu pandemic and all its impacts on everyone's lives. The social restrictions kept everyone at bay for so long and although here out in the countryside we did not suffer as badly as many people it is nonetheless a relief to see how things are easing. In Wales we are still required to wear facemasks in shops but that has become the new normal and so one doesn't think about it now, except when one realises that you've inadvertently left your facemask in the car and have to make a hasty shame-faced exit from the shop, to return seconds later disguised and apologetic. Life on the farm is as busy as ever, the cows still have to be milked whatever is going on in the outside world and we still have the seasonal round to keep us on track. Spring is beginning to send out small hints that it will appear eventually in its full glory. This week I found the first snowdrops peeping up through the grass on the side of our driveway and the early daffodils are shooting their green spears through the lawns. Small coral buds are appearing on the oak trees and the birds are beginning to chorus joyfully. A year ago, On New Year's Day 2021 in fact, we had a new grandson born to Younger Son & his wife and so now we have a sturdy one year old not quite toddling but crawling at great speed to entertain us all. He has proved a great charmer and his older cousins (11 & 8 years) who are also here on the farm find him great fun. We have always had a collection of dogs around the place belonging to the three households and the Farmer & I have for many yers had his working collie, while I had the company of my Jack Russell terrier, Dottie and a stately black Labrador Hattie. Sadly just a week before Christmas we lost Hattie who died in her sleep, after havein been visibly fading away over the preceding few days. She was thirteen years old and had a full and happy life as a gun dog in her younger years and then a contented retirement lying in the sun. I do miss her and I think Dottie does too...she no longer has her Labrador-sofa!