Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ethical Trade Standards - OMSCo & Yeo Valley

About  year ago the Farmer & I were invited to a meeting with OMSCo (http://www.omsco.co.uk/) & Yeo Valley Organics (http://www.yeovalleygroup.co.uk/) to discusss the possibility of securing the Soil Association Ethical Trade Standard on the milk supply.
We had a letter this week telling us that the application for the standard had been accepted and that from the 1st of March Yeo Valley products will carry the ethical trade mark on their packaging.
OMSCo is now the only major dairy supplier to have the Ethical Trade Standard & Yeo Valley has been awarded 'Ethical Trade' Accreditation by the Soil Association.
With consumers becoming more & more interested in where their food comes from & the methods of production it is important that a standard of ethics be available. It encompasses all aspects of food production from animal welfare to the working conditions of the employees on farms & in the factories.

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