Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gypsy Wagon Holidays

At long last a project that we have been working on for about 2 years is coming to fruition. Elder Son & KT purchased this gypsy wagon which was in a fairly deplorable state back in 2010 & despite the arrival of a baby in the interim have managed to renovate it and a delightful cabin with a verandah has been built to provide kitchen & bathroom facilites for guests staying in the wagon.
KT has just launched her website for the wagon and the wagon will available for holidays from the end of March.
The wagon has been situated in a paddock from which there is a superb view of our valley and the field in front has a magnificent ancient oak tree (hence the name of the website). The site is not overlooked though it is still near enough the farm to feel part of the whole place & on summer mornings guests will be able to sit on the steps of the wagon or on the verandah of the cabin and watch the day unfold. It really is a beautiful view.
Evenings can be spent sitting around the fire-pit watching the bats giving their aeronautical displays.
In the cabin there is also a small wood-burner & a sofa if the weather is not conducive to sitting outside.

As soon as I have more photos of the interior of the wagon & cabin I will post them here on the blog.
The trees around the caravan are all bare-twigged at present but once the leaves start emerging
the whole landscape will fill out and hedges will green up beautifully and the magnificent oak tree that the site overlooks will be in all its glory.

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