Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Snow, Off Grid Energy Generation

The night before last we had a fall of snow...the roofs of the farm buildings were white and there was a shimmer on the fields but by yesterday morning only the high ground across the valley had snow. However this was deep enough for our neighbours to get their van stuck and sos us to take our 4x4 up to tow them out!. Just a mile up the road the snow was about 6" deep while we had nothing! Very disappointing as I love snow and looking out across a changed landscape.
It is very cold this morning with a skim of ice on puddles and hollows of water. Whether there is more snow due we willl just have to wait & see.

On Sunday (during the vile weather of the snow & sleet) the Farmer went on another 'eco-tour' with the Mid Teifi Housing & Energy Group (http://www.teifitransition.org.co.uk/) to see a domestic scale wind turbine installation at our friends who run Larkhill Tipis (http://www.larkhilltipis.co.uk/). This lovely place is entirely off-grid and with a combination of wind turbine & solar panels they meet all their electrical requirements. If we weren't milking cows and therefore having huge electrical needs we would seriously consider going off-grid but with 7 motors running during milking it is just not possible.

Looking out from the office window onto leaden skies and winter hedgerows I have been watching a pair of robins sparring with each other over territory. They flutter in & out of the hedge being very aggressive and shrilling abuse at each other. A lot of the small birds are singing as though it is spring & have been all through this mild winter.

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