Wednesday 28 August 2013

Labrador Puppies Again

The puppies are thriving and having wolfed down their food & milk promptly fall asleep in the dishes! They are now 4 weeks old and becoming great fun. I have got good homes secured for 5 of them already which leaves me with 4 black dogs & 1 black bitch still to be adopted.

It has been a very busy time this past week with friends & family. Farming has also kept us buzzing about as calving has just started. Last night we had a set of twins born; the bull calf was dead sadly but the heifer (which will be a freemartin) is doing well though very tiny.

There is breath of autumn in the air now. Blackberries are ripening in the hedges & it looks as though we will have good crop this year . . . to make up for the abysmal past couple of years.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Labrador Puppies, Soil Association Farm Walk

The puppies are now just over 2 weeks old and while they stillspend most of their days sound asleep with full tummies their eyes are opening and they atre beginning to stopmp around thier nest of hay in determined manner...another few days & thye will start playing and beoming very jolly little creatures. I have already got home for the two little chocolate females & two of the black ones which is great.
Hattie their mother is doing a splendid job of rearing them and both she & they have good glossy coats and are looking very healthy & strong.
I have submitted a list of 22 names to the Kennel Club and hope that the Welsh names incorporating names of our local small river tributaries are accepted.

On Thursday evening last week we hosted aFarm Walk sponsored by the Soil Association. We were very pleased and somewhat surprised that 28 people turned up...I had really only expected half-a-dozen or so. It was avery interesting group who gathered on our front lawn for tea & cakes. Almost everyone was involved in organic farming & there was small group from a bio-dynamic college near Crymych.
The Farmer was on top form and marched everyone round the farm showing them how a small family farm survives & continues to be viable . I think peple were very interested in what we showed them and in what we had to say whcih resulted in some very good discussion and debate on a wide range of issues including inheritance, land management, organic farming (naturally!!), GM crops, the price of food and the attitudes of the general public to farmers & farming. They enjoyed the cake too!