Sunday, 10 January 2010

Successful Milk Collection, Callers, Sheep out in Snow.

Triumph...the milk tanker came at long last yesterday. Anxiety over until Monday!

Following my remarks yesterday about no callers, our good friend the Architect appeared during the afternoon, driving very cautiously down the track. He stayed an hour or so and then driving very cautiously, he went back up the track. He lives in the village at the bottom of the hill and a in 'frost pocket' where the tepmperature measured minus 13 yesterday. Here, half way up the hill, it measured minus 10. So what am I complaining about!

Today we are in grey gloom of heavy snow-laden skies, no more glorious clear light and gleaming blue sky. The snow is not falling yet, though it is forecast to do so.

Work on the farm seems to have got into a snowy weather routine. The constant checking on pipes & taps and water supplies to cattle sheds has become the norm as has making sure tractors and machinery are all warmed up and frost free.

Each morning the Farmer takes our small flock of breeding ewes out to the field. They are all in lamb and the excercise does them good, also the small amount of grass they manage to find by scraping through the snow is of benefit. They are due to lamb in a few weeks.

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