Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More snow, Animal tracks in snow, Milk collection

Although this blog is not meant to be a daily report, probably once a week or so, as it is still snowing heavily and the novelty factor is still strong, here is my second offering.

I have just had a phone call from our milk tanker driver to see what state our drive is in, so Farmer David & Eldest Son are now rushing off to try clear the track. We have have had very heavy snow fall over the last hour, though there are glimmers of blue sky now. Normally our milk is collectd at 7.00pm but OMScO (the Organic Milk Supply Co-Operative) who buys our milk, had phoned to say that they were collecting during the day now while the weather makes things so difficult. So, a mad rush now to scrape the track. Anything to prevent having to dump the milk again.

I walked the dogs this morning through falling snow, up to the top of the farm where we are out-wintering our small herd of Traditional Hereford cattle. They looked quite comfortable despite the snow...they have a very hardy & stoical demeanour and they did make an attractive picture standing around ther ring-feeder with the snow falling. Unfortuantely I had forgotten to take my camera!

It is marvellous walking across snowy fields. The tracks of the nocturnal wild animals are so clearly to be seen criss-crossing each other over the fields. The neat trios of foot-prints left by the rabbits and the precise dimples of the fox and the heavier foot marks of badgers with the snow slightly brushed by their coats are all visible. It is fascinating to see how their paths all cross but never seem to result in skirmishes between fox & rabbit, the predator and victim.

Thank you to the people who have already contacted me about this blog and for your kind remarks.

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