Sunday, 24 January 2010

Corgis, Rabbits, Snowdrops & First Lamb!

We heard via Younger Son that Eldest Son & KT have arrived safely in New Zealand, though they themselves have not contacted us since just before boarding their flight at Heathrow. I think there is some problem with phones, but at least we know they got there safely. They will be in touch when they can.
Meanwhile we are looking after their livestock, which includes their very pretty Pembrokeshire corgi, Cadi. She is sweet creature and loves racing in ever increasing circles with the labradors who are very tolerant of her.. She is the second corgi that we have had and they have both proved to be quite delightful; as a breed they have had a reputation for being snappy and unreliable, we have never found this and both of them have been marvellous members of the family.

I have got into the egg collecting routine now, though the washing of the eggs is tedious when one has to clean 5 to 6 dozen a day. Most of them are just rather dusty but some do need to be cleaned properly.

Yesterday the Farmer & the dog, Poppy went beating again. They came back about 3.30 very tired but having had a good day and with a brace of duck and couple of woodcock. Lunches for the week now sorted.
An additional bit of hunting went on last night when a neighbour came over with his two young lurchers and he and the Farmer went out for rabbits. There was no bag but it a was good training session for the dogs.
We have a huge rabbit problem and I'm furious because they have already eaten the tops of the daffodil shoots that are coming through  the grass around a large standing stone that is the memorial to all our dogs. It looks wonderful when the daffodils are out...I'm hoping the depredations of the rabbits will not have been too serious.

This morning I found the first snowdrops just opening in a hedgerow. We are so lucky, all down our driveway there are masses of snowdrops each year, which will look superb in few weeks time..
We have had a couple of lovely days of sunshine. I even did some work in the garden yesterday. An acquaintance had given me clump of some special snowdrops and a hellebore which needed to be planted pdq. and while I was out doing that I took the opportunity to do a little tidying up. It does get very cold on the fingers though, at this time of year.

The Farmer has just popped his head round the door to tell me that the First Lamb has arrived. What a least a week sooner than we had expected, but then that's sheep for you!!

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