Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More Snow, Towing Lorries, Haitian Earthquake.

After a very heavy & prolonged snow fall yesterday for many hours, we have had the usual concerns over access for the milk tanker but fortunately it did come, albeit an hour & a half late.
The next problem was the imminent arrival of the lorry from the West Country with a load of cattle cake. The Farmer met it at the end of the lane but the difficulties began once it got onto our yard. There was lot of sliding and slipping sideways as the lorry made its way down to the building where the cake is stored. Once unloaded it could not get out of the yard unassisted and ended up having to be towed out to the end of the lane. It is quite a sight, a 20tonne lorry being pulled up 45degree slope by a tractor! Still, at least we've enough cake for the cows now if this weather should continue.

After the dreadful news of the earthquake in Haiti, one can only feel that it puts our puny problems into a very harsh persepective. How dare we complain about not having roads gritted or not being able to get out when the poor Haitians have lost everything and will suffer much harder & longer than we have any idea of.

The snow began falling yesterday about 4 o'clock and I had to take the dogs for their afternoon run in it. The dogs loved it, I was less enthusiastic and got back to the house very wet and cold.
A friend from the village appeared during the evening, rather late...we were just about to go to bed!...having walked about a mile(!) through the falling snow. Personally, I think it was incredibly foolish, but he got here safely and presumably got home again. We haven't heard otherwise.
I love walking through the snow but not when it is falling thickly and in the dark.

With the snowfall last night came a strong blustery wind which has caused great pillowy drifts of snow against hedges and fences. The depth of snow around the edges of fields meant that I was wading, rather than walking, through it. The dogs had a lovely time leaping into the drifts after smells, which were very strong this morning. The powerful, musty reek of fox was very noticable.

We are still camping in the dining-room though the Rayburn is going again. It seems to be throwing out very little heat and there is a terrible smell of heating oil in the kitchen which makes it very unpleasant to be in there for any time.
I really must do some baking as we've just finished the Christmas cake, so I shall just have to bear the stink, or put a clothes-peg on my nose!

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