Tuesday, 1 March 2011

St. David's Day Daffodils

St. David's Day and we have daffodils in flower...not many but enough to look the part on the the day!
Dewi Sant was a 6th century monk, the son of a prince of Ceredigion. Before Dewi's birth his father had a dream in which an angel told to go down to the river Teifi where he would discover three treasures that would foretell the life of his as yet unborn son; a stag, a salmon and a swarm of bees. In the lore of the sacred creatures of the Celtic animal kingdom these three animals bring the gifts of spiritual power, wisdom & sweetness.
'Gwnewch y pethau bychain.'
'Do the little things'.
One of the sayings of Saint David when he had become a bishop.
St. David's Cathedral is one of the great places to visit in Wales. The tiny 'city' is full of history and on a beautiful headland with a magnificent coastline of rugged towering cliffs & hidden coves and beaches. The Farmer & I take days off to go down there whenever we can.

It is a glorious sunny clear morning with just a slight chill in the air. The birds are singing enthusiastically and a flight of Canada geese just winged its way across to one of the ponds where they are now standing looking at their elegant reflections in the water.

Work on the farm is as busy as ever. Elder Son is muck-spreading so a large tractor and spreader goes across the yard every 15 minutes or so to & from the slurry pit to the fields.
Lambing is due to start any day now and the Farmer is keeping a close eye on the ewes. They are enjoying the sunshine and sit placidly under an oak tree in thier field. Hopefully by this time next week we shall have a number of lambs in the field with them.

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