Friday, 4 March 2011

Sad Derelict Farms, Welsh Referendum

Another wondrous sunny morning with frost gleaming on the fields and the birds singing.
Yesterday the Farmer sold a calf to to a farmer living a few miles away and this morning I accompanied him to deliver the said calf to its new home. The Farmer wanted me to see the farm as it had a range of very old buildings and the original house. The current tenant lives in newer house on the track down to the old yard. The old house & buildings were once beautiful having been the home farm for an estate.and the remnants of their faded looks were very sad to see with their broken windows and the filthy yard. It always a pity when people don't see the value of their old buildings and just allow them to fall into such a wasteful state of disrepair. The house was south facing and had such charm but was not loved and was now just used as a place to dump rubbish and somewhere for the feral cats to hide out. Very sad.

Last evening we went to our local polling station to cast our vote in the referendum on whether the Welsh Assembly should have law-making powers independent of Westminster. Apparently the turnout was good here. Although the result is not yet known it appears that the 'yes' vote will carry the day.

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