Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience Repeat

Well, March is certainly going out like a lion or more like a whole pride of roaring, growling lions rampaging round our chimney-pots and eaves & blustering through the tree-tops. My wonderful displays of daffodils have suffered badly and also hyacinths with their top heavy heads have toppled over and snapped their stems. However, in compensation for the damage in the gardens I can bring the broken-stemmed flowers into the house and have vast golden sheaves of daffodils dotted about in vases which brighten up rooms on this grey day beautifully.

The programme filmed here in January, ' Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience' is being repeated on BBC2 tonight at 10.00, in case you weren't able to see it on its first broadcast on BBC Wales at the beginning of the month, or would even like to see it again(!).

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