Monday, 13 September 2010

Weekend Basket-making Course

We have just held our weekend basket-making course here at the farm and I think it it went extrememly well.
On Thursday the lovely Tibetan shelter was erected on the yard by J. & B. on a beautiful evening, however by Friday morning it was pouring with rain & continued to do so all day, to our chagrin. However things had dried up on Saturday and apart from a very brief shower it was lovely and the shelter was ideal for the class.
                                                        I spent the entire weekend preparing vegetarian meals and when not cooking was welcoming four families who had come to collect their puppies.
                                                         It all got got a bit hectic and exhausting but the Kiwi was a huge          help and carried trays of refreshments out and laid tables for lunch and washed-up. We also had cottage changeovers to do for Friday &  Sunday so there was laundry & ironing to fit in as well!
The four novice basket-makers were great; good company & very enthusiastic. Their tutor J. was very impressed at how quickly they picked up the necessary techniques and their finished articles were beautiful and they were justifiably quite proud of themselves.

We are now down to 8 puppies having waved goodbye to several over the weekend. Their new owners are all lovely and they will be given such adoring homes. If people are prepared to travel from Milton Keynes & Tamworth then they are going look aftere the new dog properly. The puppies are of an age now when they will happily attach themsleves to anyone and so they go off in they new people's car without a backward glance. I have already received photos of them in their new homes and they look very cosy.

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