Monday, 6 September 2010

Fire Labyrinth, Really Wild Food Festival & Sheepskin Boots

A few evenings ago the Farmer, Younger Son & the Kiwi went up to see some friends who were lighting their Fire Labyrinth. This a a spectacular sight...a ancient maze pattern burnt into a large lawned area which burns with intense heat and huge dramatic effect. The bolder members of the party (including the Farmer) run round the pattern as the flames die down and the heat is much less (plenty of fire extinguishers are on hand) to reach the magnificent totem pole that stands in the middle. It is something of a ritual and a connection with the ancients and is always a exciting spectacle.

Yesterday the Farmer & I went down to St. David's to the Really Wild Food Festival. We have been going for the past few years and it always has something interesting to see or do. This year an acquaintance was there with her beautiful handmade sheepskin boots ( They are made in a wonderful rainbow of colours and she makes all sizes from tiny soft bootees for babies to boots & slippers for adults, also some marvellous hats, which will be perfect if we get another 'real' winter.

It is pouring with rain today...we had hoped to pick brambles but that is no fun when they are soaked and the hedges are dripping.

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