Saturday, 4 September 2010

Stray Japanese Shiba Inu, Labrador Puppies, Evening Beach Picnic with Dolphins.

Although this looks like a fox it is in fact a Japanese Shiba Inu. We are giving it temporary home after finding it straying on our lane.
We had all been out with the labs & the sheepdog moving some young beasts down the main road and back to fields nearer home when this beautiful golden dog appeared on the track to the farm.. It was clearly very nervous of all our dogs and of us. We did however manage to catch it and bring it back to,the farm. It has obviously been out fending for itself for a while as it is very thin, though in reasonably good condition. Where it can have come from we have no idea, and it is certainly not a common breed of dog.  He has no collar, though may be microchipped. If his owner is not found over the weekend we shall have to call the Dog Warden who will take it to the pound. I doubt we'll be able to keep him and so I do hope his owners turn up...someone must be missing him.

On the subject of dogs, (which does seem to be a constant these days) the puppies are now 6 weeks old and just everywhere. We have had to barricade the yard so they have a huge grassy area to play in which is wonderful for them. They have such freedom and are enomous fun. They get many adoring visits from several teenage girls who sit and play with them for ages.

Last week as a good end to the holidays we had various family members come to stay for a couple of days and so we took the opportunity to go the beach  at Cwmtydu with the canoe and have a evening playing and cooking supper on the Farmer's ancient Primus. A huge fry-up with the family,watching the sun settting is a great way to end the summer.
The Farmer took the Kiwi out in the canoe and she was thrilled, as was he, to see a pair of dolphins come quite near them and leap up from the water. It is always fantastic when these things happen as they do so so rarely and can never be planned.

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