Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Good Frost, Winter Farming

At last, a proper cold & frosty winter's morning! Walking the dogs first thing was lovely with the sun glimmering through skeleton trees onto frost-silvered fields.

With the better weather the Sons are busy getting on with the last of the hedge-trimming & muck-spreading so we have a constant background hum of tractors. More unpleasantly there is the pervading odour of disturbed muck (though this soon dissipates) coming up from the slurry pit as Younger Son makes his trips back & forth filling the huge slurry tanker that he then takes up to the top fields to spread the ever important muck to encourage a good crop of grass for the summer. Farming jobs throughout the winter are made so much easier when the weather is fine.

I have my first holiday-makers of 2012 in the cottage this weekend & they are fortunate in having such a glorious morning to wake up to.

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