Thursday, 2 June 2011

Silage Time, Replacement Peacock, Hay Festival

Well, the silage season has started...this is Younger Son working on a neighbour's farm yesterday. Both he & Elder Son were out till late last night and are off again today to finish on theat farm and then move onto the next. The Farmer is off today to turn grass on yet another neighbours fields, so it all busy, busy, busy.
You may wonder why they are all doing other people's silage and not our own, well the simple reason is that ours is not quite ready yet. We don't usually do it until the middle of June. Farming organically we do not use artificial fertilisers which means that our crop is slower to bulk out, though we get as good a crop as conventional farmers, just a trifle later.

It is grey start to June though the sun did come out yesterday afternoon and hoefully the cloud will clear later today, but it is cool and overcast. However the roses are coming into flower and the gardens are looking very pretty despite the battering they received last week from the strong winds that we endured.

Since the death of our peahen, Hettie, the Farmer has bought (!) a replacement female and Charlie is now calling again. The single egg that Hettie managed to lay before she departed this life is now safely lodged in an incubator for 29 days and so we may have a baby peacock to hand rear, which will be be an interesting experience to say the least. Fortunately the Farmer has great patience with small creatures and no doubt it will become part of the cavalcade of young birdlife that has been resident in cardboard boxes in the kitchen over the years! The worst were the baby pigeons which were revolting and very smelly!

On Bank Holiday Monday the Farmer & I went to visit family in Brecon and and some us went over the Hay Festival. We had not booked to hear any of the speakers but it was interesting just wandering around the Festival field and browsing in the surprisingly few, bookstalls. We really ought to book tickets for some of the events next year (as I say every year!) and 'do' the festival properly. It must be fascinating to hear certain writers & actors talking on their particular subjects and giving another perspective on their work as well as the lectures by historians & journalists. Maybe next year.

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