Thursday, 26 May 2011

Country Wedding Party

Earlier in the week I had long baking session as the young couple who have been staying in the cottage this week were here to be married and had asked for a large batch of cup-cakes for their wedding reception.
J. & M. arrived here from London on Saturday by public transport (it took them 11 hours!) to be married on Wednesday in Carmarthen Registry Office and then to have their wedding party here in the cottage garden.
While they were off doing the deed, the Farmer & I decked out the exterior of the cottage with bunting and set out tables & chairs with pretty tablecloths. The sun was shining but we did unfortunately, have a rather gusty wind blowing  but with the judicial use of clothes pegs we managed to keep the cloths anchored to the tables.
J. & M. returned very happily as a married couple during the afternoon, being brought back in a very smart open-topped BMW with the customary ribbons attached, followed by their small family party of about 12 people 'all in their best looks'. They then proceeded to have a very happy & relaxed party in the garden.
The bride & groom had wanted just a small simple wedding, out of London, and I am so pleased that they thought Penyrallt would be good place to do it and we were more than happy to help them have a lovely day, especially when J. said everything had been perfect!

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