Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Wild Cattle, Silage underway

A glorious sunny morning for the Farmer's birthday and high jinks with a neighbours escaped cattle!
After a peaceful birthday breakfast with a visit from the lovely 5 month old, smiley grand-daughter all hell let loose when it was found that large number of cattle from a neighbours rented fields had broken down the fences & got into our freshly mown silage fields & into another field containing some of our young animals.! The Sons managed to round them all up and try bring them down to the yard. However, on their way they managed to inflict some damage toYounger Son's car by barging past it parked in a gateway. They then got into my garden smashing two fences in the process, trampled a precious tree peony & a rhododendron, broke branches off trees and then made their way into the field of dairy cows! It was mayhem! They also got into the cottage garden and churned up the lawn.
When we eventually got them into the yard, along with the dairy cows, they then had to be sorted out ; the dairy cows bemusedly being returned to their grazing and the visiting beasts separated from our own.
The owners of the rampaging bovines arrived & they were then walked back down our drive and into a, hopefully, more secure field. Most of them were Limousins which are notoriously flighty and mad and once they get it into their heads to run they just go & it can be difficult (& on occasion dangerous) to get them calmed down enough to move them quietly to where you want them to be.
Elder Son has just come in to say that he has found two more of the invaders still in one of our fields..they must have been hiding when the others were rounded up. They are very wild it seems and it is going to be interesting to see how we get them moved when their owners return later today.

After all that excitement the silage harvest is under way. The Sons mowed lots of grass last night and this morning the Famer is tedding it before the machines go into pick it up later. It is going to be a very long day as rain is threatened for tonight so they want to get it all in today. There is a very good crop which is great.

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