Thursday, 20 January 2011

In Which We Become Grandparents...Hurrah!

A beautiful silver morning for very special announcement.
The Farmer & I became Grand-parents last night with the birth of a little girl to Elder Son & KT. We are thrilled.
The baby was born by C. section at 11.15pm and weighed in at 7lbs 8oz...a goodly size for a girl baby I think. I had huge boy babies so anything under 9lbs+ seems tiny! No name for her has been decided upon yet.
We are looking forward to them coming home in the next day or so. This will be the first girl child born to Penyrallt for over 50 years. All very exciting!

While we've been waiting for the baby to come this week we have started on a major re-fit of the bathroom in the holiday cottage. I had only wanted to change the bath-taps but have now got a small room that looks as though  a bomb has hit ceiling, tiles ripped off the walls, bath in a new position and an awful lot of mess! However, our trusty friend S. who is doing much of the work with the Farmer, will make a fab job of it  and I know I will be very pleased with the end result once all the plumbing and rebuilding of cupboards etc. is done & I have redecorated it. Its just the messiness of a work in progress is always somewhat daunting & I did want only the taps changing!

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