Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

2011 has dawned grey & damp. To think that only a week ago we were struggling in sub-zero temperatures and now it is so mild that the thermal layers have been shed and the landscape is once again shades of green & brown.
The Farmer & I drove to Brecon yesterday for a family gathering and went over the top of the mountains above Llandovery past Llyn Brianne reservoir. There was still quite lot of patchy snow up there and small lakes and a finger of the reservoir itself were still frozen over. It was beautiful.

With the thaw the water situation on the farm has eased and the general daily routine has returned to normal. The boys are spending the first day of the new year taking slurry out onto the days off for farmers when when there has been such bad weather to contend with for so long, nor are Bank Holidays recognised; the cows still have to be milked and animals fed and bedded.

Wishing everyone a very good New Year.

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