Monday, 9 August 2010

Visitors Pictures, Cottage Advertising

Yesterday I recieved some pictures of our rarebreed cattle from some of our Dutch visitors who were with us a few weeks ago. The cattle had been brought into the yard before being moved onto clean pasture.
It is always so good when visitors get in touch with us after their stay here and send us such great pictures.
Over the years we have been given such masses of lovely pictures drawn and coloured by the many children that have stayed in the cottage. It does show that we are getting something right, I think, that they show their appreciation to us in such a way...and its a good way for parents to keep them occupied on wet days, 'Draw some pictures of the farm until the rain stops!'

As I've mentioned recently I've been reviewing my advertising for the holiday cottage which involves much time on the internet going through all the listing sites I use. I have to whittle out those that do not come up in the statistics and are therefore not 'working' for me. In the process one invariably come across sites not seen before and some of which have a good presence on the internet. One is also approached by websites themselves sending out emails asking for my custom. One the whole I tend to ignore them, however, one came up the other day that I just loved the look of, It is very new site but has such charm and beautiful pictures. I hope it does well both for me & the owners.

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