Monday, 2 August 2010

Happy puppies, Health Benefits of Traditional Beef.

Well, the puppies are growing apace, thanks to their two mothers. The picture shows them with their adoptive mama, who has almost taken them on full-time. Hattie their real mum, is not a natural mother it seems, and we have to shut her in with the pups to make sure she feeds them which she does with weary air of duty. Poppy, however, seems to enjoy them and thank goodness she does, otherwise we would be kept very busy having to feed them ourselves.

We had a Traditional Hereford calf born recently which is out with its mum in a field and looks very pretty, but I daren't risk trying to get close enough for a decent picture. The Herefords are very protective mothers and don't like onlookers getting too near.
There was very interesting article in the Farmer's Weekly recently about  research trials done by Bristol University in which it was found that the traditional breeds of cattle reared on unimproved pasture produced beef of a 'high nutritional value'. In a 'blind ' tasting trial  17 families showed a preference for the beef  from tradtional breeds that had been reared on biodiverse pasture compared to the beef produced by intensivley reared continental crosses.
It seems that tradtional breeds including Tradtional Herefords like ours, put down fat deposits high in polyunsaturates which are good for human health and that the beef from these animals contained the highest levels of vitamin E compared with intensively reared beasts.
It was also found that the post-slaughter processing  contributed greatly to the flavour and texture of the meat.
Beef that is hung on the bone for 20-28 days (as is ours) achieved higher scores for tendernss, juiciness & flavour than beef that is matured for just 10 days in vacuum bags. No surprises there, methinks.
Hopefully research findings such as these will encourage producers & consumers to capitalise on the the rearing of the old breeds.

I have a houseful at present with arrival of my twin nephews aged 14, yesterday who consider it a vital part of their summer to spend sometime here o nthe farm. The Farmer & Sons will keep them busy while I just have to keep them fed. Shepherds Pie & Rice Pudding today I think.

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