Saturday, 21 August 2010

Puppy Fest

We have been getting sweet photo opportunities with the is a little blond boy curled up with adoptive mum by the Rayburn; quite how it managed to be in the kitchen I'm not sure...I suspect Kiwi S. who is besotted with them.

On the whole the puppies are quite difficult to photograph, if they're asleep they look dead and if they're awake they keep moving around so getting a good shot is almost impossible, but here is a selection of puppy moments.

I have had them advertised for week now on the internet and the interest in them has been considerable and I'm almost certain I have got homes for all 13.  People have travelled quite large distances to view them and put their name on particular puppies and I feel that if people are prepared to come all the way to West Wales just to look and then make the journey again in a month or so's time they will certainly give the a good & happy home.

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