Thursday, 26 October 2017

New Milking Parlour Up & Running

Here is the first cow in the new milking parlour, now fully installed and up and running with the first milking session in it taking place last night. After a very busy, long and stressful day the first cow made her way in and the others followed her lead with a little persuasion from the Farmer & Sons and enticing cake in the went very smoothly and once everyone, the cows and the men are all used to a completely new system it will mean that instead of milking taking 3 hours it will all be done in 1 hour. The new parlour can milk 16 cows at a time instead of only 6 as in the old parlour. It has taken about 7 months for this project to be completed which included the building of a new shed, digging drainage systems, plumbing in the washing systems and all the other mechanisms necessary for milking cows in a herring-bone parlour. I have nothing but admiration for my boys as they have worked hard and long on the project as well as doing all their usual farming activities.

While everyone was enjoying the sight of the cows in the new parlour our old parlour puss-cat was very confused...he was waiting in his usual place in the old parlour and nothing was happening. It will be interesting to see how long he takes to venture near the new parlour and find a place to watch as he always has done.

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