Thursday, 24 March 2016


Lambing has finished and all is well. The lambs got off to good start with the lovely dry weather and even though it now has turned wet they should be alright. One of the loveliest things about my morning walks with the dogs at this time of year is hearing the lambs bleating along with the blackbirds singing, the hedge-sparrows squabbling and the geese calling as they fly up the valley to one of the many ponds. The daffodils have excelled themselves this year as have the snowdrops...last year both species did not exhibit themselves to their full glory, but this year they are more than making up for it. The blackthorn in the hedges is coming into flower and there are primroses peering out at the bottom of hedge-banks & I have seen the first of the wild strawberry flowers tucked away in a corner. The ornamental cherries are coming into blossom too in the gardens so spring is springing into its usual glory and cheering everyone up after what has been a difficult winter.

We have been struck with a foul lurgy over the past couple of weeks. The grandchildren started it off and I seemed to have come off worst of the grown-ups with a hideous cough that is lingering. I even had three days in bed which is unheard of! However, apart from the cough things are back to normal and we are preparing ourselves for a visit this afternoon by group of home-educated children from Pembrokeshire which should be fun although it is a pity the weather is dull and damp, still as long as they are properly shod in wellies and with waterproofs it should all be fine.

The holiday cottage is full for Easter and I then have an artist staying for the whole of April which should be interesting.
With Easter almost upon us I must get on with decorating my Simnel cake and doing some general baking and filling the tins which are somewhat depleted. In fact I might make some traditional Easter biscuits which always go down well with cup of coffee.

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