Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lambing Time, Winter Winds

The sheep are now safely ensconced in the newly re-covered polytunnel and lambing is well underway. We are having good big strong lambs, with several sets of twins and triplets. We are lambing only about 50 ewes and so far it is going steadily with no mad rushes.

Today is calm and warm-ish with sunshine and quite a lot of blue sky. A total contrast to yesterday when I was bullied and buffeted down the fields by an icy wind with teeth of iron whilst walking the dogs before breakfast. The wind was very strong and unpleasant to be in but it brought a savage beauty to the fields as it flew across the grass making it shimmer with shoals of silver as the light caught the rain on the sward. The leafless trees were swaying and moaning as the wind tormented the branches and many twigs and some larger boughs were tossed to the ground and through it all the blackbirds were singing and a pair of Canada geese on their way to graze in our top fields called to each other as they flew on the back of the wind.

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