Thursday, 14 May 2015

Leg Cast Removed, Spring Abounding

My visit to our local hospital for my appointment at the fracture clinic this morning has resulted in the cast being removed from my leg (hurrah!) and I don't have to go back. It is wonderful not having the weight of the cast to carry around though I still have to use crutches for the next couple of weeks. I can put weight on the injured leg without pain though the foot is still rather swollen and bruised and I do need the crutches so I'm still not able to do much that is useful, except washing-up! I prop myself up by the sink, though standing for longer than about 5 minutes is quite uncomfortable, still things are improving. Considering it five weeks to the day tomorrow since I broke the leg I reckon I'm doing rather well!

The apple blossom is in in full glory in the orchards and looking just gorgeous. With the beech tress just bursting into thier vibrant spring greenness the farm is looking marvellous. Our guests in the holiday cottage are enjoying their trips around west Wales seeing at its loveliest and when they are not out and about they are enjoying the tranquility of the countryside listening to the chorus of birdsong from the blackbirds & thrushes and seeing the woods and fields transform themselves in preparation for the summer.

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