Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Farewell Morris 1000 Traveller

Yesterday saw the end of an era when we waved farewell to our old Morris 1000 Traveller which we have had for 30 years. For many of those years it was our only car and it did sterling service until a time came when we needed to tow cattle trailers so poor old Moggie was relegated to a shed and left to a quiet retirement. However, a time had come when it was taking up valuable space and someone offered to buy it at a very reasonable price so it just seemed sensible that it should be re-homed and diddled up and used again. I hope its new owners have as much fun with it as we did.

I am still on crutches, hobbling around and still unable to do anything useful. Its been 5 weeks now so the end is in sight, I hope. I am missing my daily walks around the farm as this is a most wonderful time of year with visible changes everyday as the bluebells come into flower and the trees burst into leaf. The birds are chorusing madly though I have not heard a cuckoo this year. Last year they were very vocal across the valley. The swallows are swooping in and out of the buildings around the yard and every now and then they come chattering into the house as the door stand open most of the day. They flit in panic around the house and then find their way out through an open window. If need be when they get themselves against a closed window and are frantically flapping against it, someone captures them gently in cupped hands and takes them outside to be released with a swift upward throw and off they go to continue their aerobatic hunts for insects.

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