Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sun shines for 2013, Happy New Year!

Blwyddyn Newydd Hapus! Happy New Year!

This dear little creature is the latest addition to our collection of canine companions. She is a seven week old Jack Russell terrier and as you can see is very tiny!  For all her diminutive size she is a feisty little character and has shown no fear of the labradors or anyone else for that matter. She is called Dotty for as someone said she is such a little dot of a dog! We got her from a farm about 10 miles away where she was reared in a family with her two siblings & had a lot of play and attention and so is very well socialised and has, of course over Christmas had a great deal of handling with the constant stream of family and visitors. She is of proper farm terrier stock and the hope is that she will be as good a ratter as her mother.

Christmas has been and gone and good fun it was too, if exhausting. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of conversation and lovely books...what more could one want?

One of the most charming sights over the past week has been that of the Farmer teaching the finer points of sheep-dog trialing to his small grand-daughter aged not quite 2, with her collection of toy sheep and lambs and the toy sheepdog on the dining-room table. He was moving the dog around the cluster of sheep while using all the correct whistles and corralled them into a pen of small plastic straw-bales. Small grand-daughter was enchanted...as was I.

A good start to the New Year in that it is not raining!!!! Having had what has seemed like constant rain for weeks it is marvellous to look out and see blue skies and glimmering pale sunshine brightening up the soggy countryside.

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