Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Cat in Preseli Mountains,Pembrokeshire

Yesterday the Farmer & I found this beautiful Snow Cat sitting on the slopes of Carn Ingli overlooking the snowlessness of Newport in Pembrokeshire. We had gone for a day out to walk along the vast & empty shore and while the coastal strip was clear of snow the Preseli Hills were spectacularly beautiful with a heavy covering just couple of miles inland from the beach. The main roads were all clear and our run down was fine but our attempt to head back north through the Gwaun Valley was thwarted by very heavy snow  which had been packed hard and then had a skim of ice on top on the roads & with drifts up the top of the fence posts. Even with our 4x4 it would have been foolish to try and make our way on these roads that we know very well and have steep hills and very tight bends. We turned back and made our way to the main coast road which was boringly snow free and drove through green countryside that had not seen any snow at all. But the Cat was wonderful!
In the last post I reported that the Farmer had gone out to deliver wood to a neighbour driving one of our biggest tractors. Well that expedition turned into an adventure...having gone up clear snow free roads when he reached the neighbours drive which is very long he became horribly stuck! Even with the horse-power of  a large tractor he could not get through the drifts and had to phone home for Elder Son to go with another big tractor to rescue him! It seems that the falls of heavy drifting snow are very localised, within just a couple of miles neighbours are having real problems. We had a lot of snow but it did not blow into huge impassable drifts. Needless to say the neighbour did not get his delivery of wood.

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