Friday, 27 July 2012

Summertime & the Living is Very Busy!

At last summer has arrived. This past week has been absolutely manic here with the Sons & the Farmer all caught up with mowing, baling & wrapping many hundreds of bales all over the parish & further afield. The contracting business has never been so much in demand. There has been an element of getting as much done as possible while we have this good weather and so farmers have been on the phone at 8o'clock in the morning to ensure that they are on the list for the day. The Sons have been working incredibly long hours all week, often not home till after midnight, Today however, they are are having a quieter day as the baler had a major breakdown last night. The only spare part that could be found in the country is in Kent so we are waiting for a very speedy courier to deliver it, but it will not be here until tomorrow morning, so it gives everyone  a much needed breathing space. The weather is set to hold for some days yet so there should not be too much panic but once the baler is fixed they will be off again.

The latest news on the milk price front seems to be that government ministers met at the Royal Welsh Show on Monday for talks with farmers & dairy processors. It seems that code of practice for milk contacts is to be drawn up which will be freely negotiated, more transparent & fairer . But apparently this will not be in place to prevent the price drop in August.
An e-petition has been posted on the government website, 'Dairy farmers must be paid more for their milk', Please sign to show you support the farmers.
100.000 signatures will mean it will be considered for debate in House of Commons.

Of course today is the start of the Olympics Games. They honestly are not going to have that much impact here...we don't have tv.  I might get to see the opening ceremony this evening but as for the Games themselves...well, we just don't have time!!!

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