Sunday, 18 April 2010

Escaped Piglets, Metal Detecting, Aeroplane Free Skies Force to Buy Local

It's not a great picture, but the best we could do, when last evening on our way to meet friends for supper at a local pub, we met this small group of saddle-back piglets on the road out for an adventure on a sunny evening. They were having a lovely time rootling along the verge and, fortunately, they were not too far from home and they soon scuttled back down to the yard where they belonged, but they were a very comical sight with a jolly air of porcine cheeriness.
A farmer once told me a old saying that on meeting a pig out walking one should always whack it because it was either on its way to or from trouble. I think these piglings were definitely out for trouble!

With the glorious weather continuing the Farmer & Eldest Son are getting on well with field work. The new grass leys have been sown in two fields and KT volunteereed to drive the tractor this afternoon to disc another field that has been ploughed preparatory to it being sown. With some fields having been put to the plough one of our neighbours who is a keen metal detectorist (?) has come over and is walking across the fields. She has found some interesting things here on previous occasions though they are quite mundane items being buttons  buckles and clasps and bits of agricultural iron work, though some of them have been very old. No hoards of Celtic gold though!

Our skies, as are everyone else's of course, are clear of aircraft and vapour trails and it is extraordinary how much this has been commented on in conversation with friends and neighbours and in the media. How long the flight ban will go on is anyone's guess but meanwhile it is bringing up some interesting topics of conversation and an awareness of just how much flying is done.The long term impact of this period is going to be very interesting. With so much fruit  & veg. unable to come ito the country, supermarket shelves are going to look quite empty soon so maybe people will have start thinking  more about buying & producing local food and also about local i.e. UK, holidays.
For those people stranded abroad and not able to get home it must be grim though.

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