Friday, 12 March 2010

Lambing Live BBC2 , Muck Spreading

We do not have television and have not done so for twenty years, but we have just heard about a programme that has the nation gripped, called, I  think, 'Lambing Live' on BBC 2. Elder Son said it was even talked about on Radio 1 today. How marvellous that programmes like this are being made and that the public response is one of such enthusiasm.
When we have visitors to the farm at lambing time we often invite them to watch a ewe lambing and to see the first struggles of a new lamb to get to its feet and find the milk bar. It is a truly memorable experience particularly for children and one that is difficult to make more available, but if a tv. programme can do it that is just great.
Even for us as lambers of sheep for many years, there is still a thrill seeing newborn lambs and their mothers bonding and thriving. We rarely have bottle-fed lambs these days as we've got the adoption process well worked out, however,  if we happen to be lambing at a time when we have visitors, orphan lambs are very good way of getting children close to animals and gaining a better understanding of them. Also they are great fun; when our boys were little they loved bottle-feeding the orphans and became quite attached to them though not in an overly sentimental way...they knew what the final destination would be and accepted it. The fact that these sweet little lambs are ultimately food on our plates should always be kept in mind and made clear in a sensible way.

Over the last couple of days the valley has been resounding with the clatter of muck-spreaders as we and our neighbours took advantage of the dry weather to get muck heaps cleared.. Today it is damp so maybe the worms will start to do their bit to break down the muck on the fields. Once the weather warms up the grass will start growing well after its dressing of good old fashioned FYM.

Having given my lovely new floor three coats of varnish I am now about to set to with brush and roller to paint the walls of our dining-room and hopefully by this evening we will be back to normal with a clean sunny room . We shall have to give a dinner party to show it off!!

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  1. Hello,
    we saw a few of the episodes of 'Lambinglive' in the last two weeks. It was wonderful to see the newborn lives. Even though I am used to seeing lambs being born and even lend a helping hand in the proces it's still a miracle.
    My parents had 10 ewes wich all gave birth to twins one year. They were "hobby-farmers", we also had a cow with calf, chicken, geese etc. I still mis living on a farm, that's probably why we look for farmholidays every year.

    Succes with the painting.
    Bye from Holland