Monday, 2 February 2015


We awoke this morning to find it had snowed overnight (a complete contradiction to what the weather forecast had told us yesterday!) and now I am sitting in my warm kitchen while it snows very heavily, so much so that the view beyond the yard is quite obscured. I love it! I have a very well stocked larder and deep freeze and so being snowed in does not present too many problems other than making sure the milk is able to be collected. in bad weatherIf things look serious the Farmer & sons will go out and scrape the drive open up a more level access that should ensure the tanker can get in & out without being towed. The slope on our yard sometimes makes this necessary if there is ice on the ground.

We have guests in the cottage and I'm sure they will be enjoying the dramatic turn in the weather during their holiday and will cosy-up by the wood-burning stove very contentedly. An unexpected snowfall always makes for a memorable holiday.

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