Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Labrador Puppies Again

The puppies are thriving and having wolfed down their food & milk promptly fall asleep in the dishes! They are now 4 weeks old and becoming great fun. I have got good homes secured for 5 of them already which leaves me with 4 black dogs & 1 black bitch still to be adopted.

It has been a very busy time this past week with friends & family. Farming has also kept us buzzing about as calving has just started. Last night we had a set of twins born; the bull calf was dead sadly but the heifer (which will be a freemartin) is doing well though very tiny.

There is breath of autumn in the air now. Blackberries are ripening in the hedges & it looks as though we will have good crop this year . . . to make up for the abysmal past couple of years.

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