Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Horsemeat Debacle Continues

With the horse-meat scandal becoming exposed in many more countries each day and the British government's attitude being somewhat woolly I was interested to read the following blog link that was sent to me today;http://www.howlatthemoon.org.uk/index.php?p=1_67 .
I think it sums up the situation very well.
As farmers we have been aware that the  Red Tractor scheme had flaws but when some years ago the Farmer spoke to the NFU about what the Red Tractor did not do he was told not to make a fuss , that they were trying their best & it was better than nothing. In other words they were keeping their heads down to avoid having to make the scheme actually do what they wanted the consumers to believe it did.
Once again it all comes down to buying locally from your high street butcher who should be able to tell you from which farm he buys his carcases and not to put any trust in the supermarkets who are only after profits by any means and definitely to avoid any processed 'ready' meals.
Buy Local! Buy Organic!

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