Saturday, 17 March 2012

Optimistic Labradors, Men & Machines, Bottle-Fed Lambs

Our two black labs, Poppy & Hattie were caught sitting hopefully in the back of the car longing for trip with men & guns...they do not understand that the season is over  and that a car door left open is not an invitiation to them for a jolly day out. They took a lot of persuading to get out!

We have a had a couple of days of large lorries coming & going. Yesterday we were given a vast quantity of soil from a an excavation site in a local village. The lorries were coming onto the yard about every 3/4s of an hour until 6pm.
The soil will be very useful to us as back-fill on a large new pond that was dug last year and is still needing to be finished off. Once the soil is in place & carefully landscaped we will undertake a tree-planting session around the pond.
Today Younger Son returned after a very successful day at Cheltenham for the Gold Cup yesterday to go. On his return he went to get a big lorry with low-loader to transport his 13ton  digger to a job some miles away. The farm has been echoing to the squeal & hiss of air-brakes & the revving of very powerful engines of a horse-power that is frightening. Fortunately these things only happen very occasionally but the menfolk do love it!

I had a lamb in the kitchen yesterday, the first time for ages. It was healty creature but was twin with a much stronger brother who monopolised the milk bar, so the little scrap need some help. However, fortunately another ewed lambed and we have been able to adopt the one onto her with very little trouble. I don't mind feeding lambs but I really don't like having them in the kitchen for any length of time, mainly because they piddle copiously & if they are well but hungry they are difficult to keep contained & trot about the place bleating for company & the sooner we can find a surrogate mother the better.

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