Thursday, 22 December 2011

'A Christmas Reunion' or 'Tan ar y Comin' - Filmed at Penyrallt

With the huge number of films being shown on television at this time of year I find myself wondering how many people will catch a film that was made here at Penyrallt Home Farm in 1993 starring James Coburn & Edward Woodward. It was called 'Tan Ar Y Comin/ Fire On The Common''  or 'A Christmas Reunion'. It is shown every Christmas on at least one of the many channels that are now available, though as we don't have tv ourselves we never get to see it & unfortunately it is not available on dvd (we do have a very old video copy that is in poor condition but no video player these days).
We spent the summer of 1993 hosting the film crew & having our house taken over as a set both for interior & exterior shots. It was great fun and we met a lot of great people. As well as having Edward Woodward here for some of the time, the director David Hemmings was here as he was working in conjunction with Carol Byrne-Jones who was directing the Welsh version of the film. They worked together filming 'back-to-back' which meant every scene was filmed in English & in Welsh.
We all had great fun, with the Farmer & the Sons (who were very young at the time) all taking part as 'supporting artists' or extras. Even our dogs, poultry & cattle were roped in & our house & buildings were used from all sorts of angles and looked wonderful.
The script was based on a book by the Welsh children's author, the late T. Llew Jones who was born just down the road from the farm. He remembered coming up here to play as a child so the idea that his story should be filmed here was rather fitting. The story centres around an orphaned gypsy boy who inherits mare & her foal on the death of his grandfather, but then learns that he is the illegitimate heir to the local squire (Edward Woodward). Much trouble ensues but with a happy outcome, of course.
The Welsh version is set entirely in Wales but the English version has scenes set in Boston which is where James Coburn comes in playing Father Christmas(!). You'll just have to try and see the film!
Despite these oddities, it is good film for family viewing and has a definite Christmassy flavour.


  1. ive just found this film after 19yrs ive was in this film with my mum an younger brother an uncle wyndom i wud so love a copy of this film if you know where i can get a copy please please get intouch ive never been so happy to find this film on christmas 24+channel on sky i would love a copy so i could show my 4 young daughters if anyone knows where i could get a copy please mail me on thanks so much xx

  2. i saw some of this film today, brilliant but would love to see it all. would like to get a copy too

  3. Hello there,

    I am also desperately looking for the film. I was 4 when is was made and I have never been able to see the film. We were horse drawn travellers at the time, my parents where asked if they would be able to advise on this type of lifestyle. My dad rode many of the horses on set and me and my sister featured in the film. Making the film is one of my first memories and I would love to be able to see it. That life seems very distant to me now as I have lived in London for over 18 years. Thank you and merry Christmas Kizzy Wellard

  4. I am now just watching this movie on channel True Christmas.. what an amazing film got me so drawn in

  5. I am now just watching this movie on channel True Christmas.. what an amazing film got me so drawn in