Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding, Orchards Full of Blossom & Late Lambs

The first of my lily-of-the-valley to flower in the garden this year & very timely for the Royal Wedding where the bride's posy was made up of the sweet flowers.
 We don't have television, but I was able to watch The Wedding not too far away. And it was lovely & it didn't rain! It was a superb spectacle & despite the pomp & pagaentry managed to remain a simple service involving two families, albeit with millions of on-lookers.
I thought the trees in the Abbey looked superb and the bride's small posy of lily-of-the-valley was beautiful and so much better than the huge overblown & tortured bouquets that so many brides seem to feel is necessary.
As for the Dress it was stunning, just so elegant and simple. For those of us living out in the sticks with very little opportunity to see or wear beautiful clothes but have an interest in such things, an occasion like a royal wedding is a marvellous window onto a scene of elegant shoes, amazing hats and beautifully made outfits by wonderful designers. A far cry from the world of wellies & jeans!
The music for the wedding was wonderful; there can never be too much Parry and the specially commissioned anthem by John Rutter was beautiful. English choral music at its best.

With the very dry weather we have had lately the Farmer is beginning to pray for rain to come soon. He & the Sons have doing a lot of field work and now we need some rain to dampen the soil and start things growing.

We are still having lambs arrive intermittently though most of them are now out in the fields with their mothers. The very new ones are in one of the orchards and look very decorative under the tres which are thick with blossom at present. The blossom has been superb this year and as long as we don't get a late frost the fruit crop should be good.

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