Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lost Luggage, Gooseberry Crop, Luggage Found,

We have a houseful of people at the moment. Younger Son's Kiwi girl-friend, S. has arrived as has one of his college friends, J. Yesterday YS & J. drove up to Heathrow to meet S. off her flight which was an hour early getting in, which was great but her luggage was still in Christchurch!! So the pooor girl, after travelling for about 37 hours has arrived in the UK with nothing but but one piece of hand-luggage for a 2 month stay. They have all gone off to our local town this morning to buy her some clothes!
The airline and insurance company between them should find and deliver the missing suitcase we hope, in the next few days.

I have been topping & tailing gooseberries this morning. We have had a good first cropping, enough to freeze and make gooseberry crumble for lunch.
It looks as though we are going to have a very good blackcurrant crop too, so lots of blackcurrant jelly, cordial and puree for ice-cream or sorbet.

The missing luggage has been found...in Sydney, in the care of  Quantas rather than Cathay-Pacific which is the airline S. travelled with. Still, at least it has been located and is now on its way to London and will then be delivered to the farm by courier.

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