Friday, 4 June 2010

Laburnum, Transition Group Meets with MP, Silage Season

The laburnum, or golden chain,  in our field hedges is out and looks superb. People are always surprised that we should have so much laburnum growing in the hedges of fields where cattle graze, but the cattle aren't stupid, they know what not to eat. We have never had any problem with any livestock ingesting the seeds which are the poisonous part of the plant. Laburnum grows so readily and looks wonderful in many of the hedges in this area.

The Farmer had the stitches out of the wound on his arm today. It has healed up remarkably well and very neatly, there will be only a very thin scar I think.
After his visit to the surgery the Farmer went with three other members of the Transition Group to meet our new MP, Jonathan Edwards at the Plaid Cymru office in Newcastle Emlyn. The Farmer had a number pertinent questions to ask, with particular reference to the excessive paper work we farmers have to cope with and the badger cull that is taking place in Pembrokeshire at the moment. He knew about the Transition Movement and has agreed to come and meet the Calon Teifi Transition Group in September which will be interesting.

The silage season is well under way. Elder Son has been working off the farm doing other people's silage and working very long hours. It is hard work and involves a lot of concentration especially when having to take tractors and large machinery several miles along public roads. Most road users are sympathetic to the work of the season but a few make things difficult by being impatient and sometimes even abusive, but tractor drivers are reasonable people and have to pull in at the first possible opportunity to let traffic by and they are, after all only going about their lawful business, like everyone else.

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