Sunday, 2 May 2010

Now is the month of Maying, Welsh proverb, Transition Movement

Well, its the beginning of May and cold & damp,but there is a lot of blue sky appearing as I write, so thing's can only get better surely.
Our may trees are not in flower yet though.
The Farmer, however, is very pleased with the rain that we've had over the last couple of days as it is just what his newly sown fields needed and in fact the seeds have already sprouted. If we can now have a few days of sunshine then it will be perfect for the new leys.

I recently came across the following Welsh agricultural proverb in an anthology called 'Wales' by Alice Thomas Ellis,

Janaury will strike down.
February will despoil a giant.
March will slay.
April will flay.
May will raise the heart.
June will make merry door-way.                                 
July, a merry cattle-fold.
August, a merry host.
September rejoices the birds.
October, - cheerful is soscial intercourse.
November begins the lamentation.
December, - beware its anger.

Yesterday we did a lot of gardening, I was in our big garden putting in shrubs and the Farmer was in the poly-tunnel planting tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce etc. He also sowed  long rows of potatoes outside, though they do very well in the poly-tunnel. Having had both the the chickens and the sheep in the polytunnel over winter the ground has been very well manured and so things should do well.

Yesterday afternoon we went down to the village hall for the monthly get-together at the Transition Cafe, organised by our local transition group, Trawsnewid Calon Teifi (see It was well attended and we were shown two or three short films about getting the message across that global warming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by everyone.
('Wake Up, Freak Out' & 'Transition Town, Lewes' can be found on You Tube & the clever satire on carbon off-setting website,
 As tends to be the case at these events, it is preaching to the converted, but lively discussion ensues and hopefully people go away and continue the discussion with their friends & acquaintances.

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